Neue online-Website Schritte erstellen

Vom reden mit uns zur ad-hoc-Bedarfsplanung für das Design und Codierung Schritte können Sie unsere Absichten klar verstehen.

Website Herstellungsverfahren (a)

Unsere Firma Website Umriss des Produktionsprozesses, erklärt, wie Sie helfen unseren Kunden zu bauen Website-Plattform.


Talk, to identify needs and set up the project and signed a contract, a deposit of 30%

Recommends that customers provide data, filtering and sorting data, summary data (traditional archives, digital archives: this template is not limited to this. "Customer offer" lawful copyright data, the company is not contrary to the law of data processing. In addition, apart from the data provided in writing, as the trend is to provide customers with digital archives as the company processing the data, editing, design, numbered as the main reference. If required the company to assist with product shots, made separate offers. )

Traditional archive: scan document (standardized), classified documents, OCR text recognition and correction



Digital Archive: to establish a classification document, editing work (product) numbers, unified serial number

Tuning repair and edit files: from an already well-established scanning and digital files, one by one than the right, view Retouching

Check Archives: If customer provides complete digital and hard copy data than each other on file if there is no distortion

Design style: logo, slideshow, platform texture design



Web site production processes (b)